Aims and Objectives


The objectives of the programme, therefore, are to produce confident, self-reliant and highly competitive graduates who can create employment opportunities and fill career opportunities in industries, hospitals, private businesses, academia and research.
To achieve this, the course for B. Sc. honours degree in Microbiology are designed to accommodate a mosaic of students with diversity of interests and occupational goals in the field of medical, industrial, environmental soil, marine/freshwater, food and agricultural as well as microbial genetics, physiology and biochemistry.
The programme integrates doctrines and concepts from genetics, biochemistry, chemistry, ecology, immunology, physiology, bacteriology, virology, statistics, botany, zoology and lastly, microbiology in order to produce well grounded students who can vie favourably anywhere and particularly in the highly competitive Nigerian food and
beverages industries, hospitals and other related public and private sectors.
The programme incorporates a six-month industrial work experience.